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Top Free SEO Tools For Increasing Rankings on Google

When it comes to free SEO tools, there are many out there used for different purposes such as checking backlinks, pageranks, keyword research, analytics etc. It becomes difficult to decide the relative importance and usability of each tool. Hence, in this article I have compiled a list of free SEO tools I use which have made my work easier;

Google AdWords Keyword tool:
The first step in any SEO campaign is identifying the keywords/key phrases you want to use - popularly known as keyword research. Google AdWords Keyword tool is the most widely used and acclaimed free tool for keyword research. It will let you know which keywords to target, the competition for those keywords, and will also offer suggestions on popular phases you might not have even thought of. There are other paid keyword research tools like keyword discovery and wordtracker which are good as well, but this tool is valuable and efficient when it comes to a free SEO tool.

XML Sitemap Generator:
If you place a formatted XML file with site map on the web server, you enable Search Engine crawlers (Google) to find out what pages are present on your website and which ones have been changed recently. Whenever you add new content to your site you will obviously want to make sure Google knows about it. Sitemaps help search engine's spiders crawl your site and understand what it's about. The XML sitemap generator will create a sitemap compliant with the search engine that you need to upload to your home directory every time your site is updated.

SEO Book's Rank Checker:
A Firefox plugin that enables you to check where your website is ranking in keyword searches. You can save details of every campaign and run reports from your browser in seconds. It helps you analyze website rankings on the three major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO Book's Rank Checker is a widely used tool which is highly recommended to check your search engine rankings.

Hubspot's Website Grader:
This free SEO tool can perform a health check on your website before awarding it a grade and offering advice on how it could be improved. A few interesting features are blog analysis, indexed pages analysis, metadata, domain info, inbound links, last crawl date, social media grader etc. You can discover how effectively your site is described (language) and how often it has been bookmarked on Digg or Delicious. Also, you can add a Website Grader widget (which provides you with a code to paste into your site) displaying a badge featuring your search marketing quality score.

Backlinks Watch (
SEO revolves around backlinking. This tool gives you a clear count and analysis of your website's backlinks including the page they are on, anchor text and the total number of backlinks on that particular page. This useful tool will let you know who's linking to your content and track the success of your link building campaign. Another backlink tracker I also use is Majestic-SEO (

Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tool:
These two tools together make the fundamentals of search engine marketing. Based on Urchin, Google Analytics is a top analytics tool available to everybody for free. This analytics gives you details about traffic behavior, funnel information, conversions, landing pages and much, much more. Google webmaster on the other hand gives you a view of what Google "sees" on your site including crawling speed, crawling rate, highest pagerank of your site and more.

SpyFu ( :
SpyFu lets you enter either a keyword or domain into its search box to begin the process. You are afterward presented with results to help you decide if a particular keyword is an appropriate choice for your SEO or ad campaigns and other keyword possibilities. From domain searches, you can see your competitors and discover details of their organic or paid search campaigns. There is paid version of which offers more features, but the free one has quite a lot as well.

Compete ( :
This is a great tool for analyzing your competition. You can see traffic and engagement metrics for any website; identify sites for affiliate and SEO link building. Also you can analyze competitor keywords and search strategies for free. Other features include; analyzing subdomains, tagging, comparisons, portfolios and CSV download of information. also has a subscription based paid service which you can use to attain additional features.
Google Analytics:
Use Google Analytics for website traffic analysis. Search Engine Traffic, Content performance and Keywords are the three primary SEO elements measured by this tool. Site activities like hits, page views, bounce rate, pages viewed per visit, page views and average time spent by users in the website etc can easily be tracked by using this free tool.

Key Word Complete:
It is easy to track the keywords of the competitors. This tool tracks the keywords via the PPC campaigns. A number of features of this online tool provide complete assistance.

Analyzing the keyword density, meta tags, page load time etc is extremely easy with the meta tag analyzer of Widexl. One can also use it to determine the pages which are linked with specific website, for that reason one has to use the link popularity tool.

This website is particularly useful for it provides many tools that serve different needs for successful Search Engine Optimization. Some features like Google PageRank Prediction and Link Popularity, Website Speed Test are used by several webmasters. While Google PageRank is use to predict ranking of site in Google, Link Popularity is used to keep a check on number of links of any specific domain. One can measure the time a specific site takes for loading using Website Speed Test.

SEO Logs:
On-Page SEO tools play very important role in exploring webpages for further scope of keyword optimization. In addition to many other On-page SEO tools, SEO Logs provides Keyword Difficulty Check and Web Page SEO Optimizer. The main use of Keyword Difficulty Check is to evaluate the extent of difficulty faced by a keyword in order to secure a position in Search engines. Some other tools like HTTP Headers, Alexa Rank, Backlinks Analyzer Tool, and AdSense Profit Calculator are also provided by SEO Logs.

Link Diagnosis:
It is one of the most effective tools to scrutinize link competition, only one has to provide key details about competitor's links. Page ranks and Anchor reports are some of the vitals results generated through this tool.

The tool has various uses. One of these is to obtain reports from giant search engines like Alexa, Google and Yahoo. The same tool is used for site error detection, keyword research, traffic tracking.

It effectively weighs up the status of website in terms of popularity. But one should note that it should be used generate reports for only 100,000 sites for its does not promise correctness for sites beyond that.


How to Increase Google PageRank For Your Website

Google PageRank is a numeric value that Google assigns for every site. Since the algorithms used by Google are never disclosed to anyone so it is very difficult to say what exactly you should do to improve the Page Rank of your website.

Page Rank is a value on a scale of 0 to 10.

Now the question is how to improve the Google Page Rank for your website. Following are the best ways which you can do to improve the Page Rank:

Join Forums: Register on various discussion forums and take active part in discussions. Make sure you are participating in relevant forum to your website. Use the link of your site in your signature.

Add unique quality content to your site: Add unique content on a regular basis to your website. Adding new content will let users find something new every time they browse through your website. Another reason for adding fresh valuable content is that this will add new pages to your site.

Take part in discussions on blogs: Post useful comment on blogs related to your site and send link to your site.
Back links with niche websites: Try to get a link from niche sites of your industry. If your website is related to medical sector then try to get back links from other medical company sites.
Submit sites to search engine and directory: Submit your site to popular search engines link: open directory, Dmoz, Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Submit articles: Use article sites to add great articles related to your industry and add a link to your site on resource part of the article.

Content - It is all about the 3 C's - Consistent, Current, and Content. Post at least 5 entries a week, if you consistently post information it also attracts new visitors and subscribers.

Press Releases - Send out a press release announcing the launch of your site. Any newsworthy item should also be considered for a press release. We recommend a site like, a free press release website. Occasionally, Google News will pick up a press release off this site if it is gaining interest after posting.

Facebook - Are you on Facebook? If so, you can set up an account for your site or create a fan page. Then invite your friends to join. You can tie in your RSS feed (new entries) so anyone visiting will see current information. When someone becomes a fan or friend you will reach their friends and gain more followers.

Twitter - We have seen lots of success with people that have used Twitter to network their site. Once you learn how Twitter works and the etiquette of networking you should find some success. The "tweets" you come across can inspire articles and form relationships. These relationships you build can result in posts to your site and a "guest" appearance. Your guest can provide information from an expert in the field and be a benefit to your readers.

Blog Catalogs - Sign up for Blog Catalogues, it just so happens that a popular one is actually called This can get your name out there and introduce you to other sites that you will find helpful.

Article Marketing - Many of your entries will make good topics for an article. You can edit your post to appeal to a larger audience and post it on that site. If you post good content it will result in views to your article and then clicks to your site.

Subscriptions - Provide your readers with an email subscription service for those that don't want to miss the most recent articles. You can sign up with a service, such as Feedburner, and have it set up to automatically check once a day for new content and send it out.

Email blast - Email all of your contacts to introduce them to your site. Let them know what beneficial information you provide. Ask them to visit your site and subscribe to your email updates and register. Ask for feedback, do they like the layout, the look and ask them to critique to help you improve your site. Then ask them to help you pass the word and email their contacts.

Social Bookmarks - Tag your best posts at sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Technorati. Every time you have a tag out there, it is one more inbound link. Links to your site will improve your rating.

Trading links - Network with others that provide similar information and add a link to their site and ask them to link to you. You can also introduce them to your readers as someone you follow.
Alexa Widget - Add an Alexa widget to your site that shows your ranking. When you have this widget on your site it also improves your own Alexa ranking.

Default Home Page - Ask friends and family if they will add your site as their default home page on their computer. Every time they open their browser, it is one more hit on your site.

Interlinking - As you add content to your site, link to other articles that you have already written that are similar. This allows people to find more articles on that subject that are on your site. Sometimes a visitor to your site may not find what they are looking for in the article they are reading, but the information may be in a related article and this leads them there. The longer a visitor stays on your site the better chance you have for them to subscribe or return to your site.

Site Map - Put together a site map and submitted it to Google, Yahoo and MSN. This site map includes all the blog entries as a separate page. The more pages you have on your site the more content you are providing which increases your standings.

Google Analytics - Use Google Analytics to track the page hits and number of visitors. Google Analytics provides reports that inform you of the most active pages, where your links come from and what keys words are being used in the search engines to find your site.

Keywords / Metatags - Each page on your site has a unique page description and a unique set of key words. While many pages use the same key word, no two pages have the same set. The key word list contains a long list of words related to information provided on your site. Make it a point to use those key words in your posts. This increases your keyword's density. According to Google, the greater your keyword density, the more relevant you are.

Guest Blog - Highlight other websites, articles, products and people on your site. This provides more content and links. This is a great way to provide your readers with access to experts in the field or wonderful products.
Contests - Provide giveaways and contests for your readers. This can attract many to your site. These giveaways and contests provide another opportunity for a press release and links to our site.

Logo / Branding - Have a logo that is memorable and eye catching. One that distinguishes who you are.

Easy Links - Provide information on how others can link to your site and make it easy.

ProBlogger - I found this site through networking on Twitter. He consistently provides great information to help you succeed in making the most of your site. Recently, he provided a 31 day challenge - 31 days to build a better blog. You can find this information at

These activities will surely help your website's Page Rank. But, this may take time as you may know that all SEO activities take time to show results

Make Instant SEO Analysis Report

Usually Managers assign a task to check SEO status of a site and they will come back in 10 to 15 mints for the response. Is it possible to check SEO status of a site in 15 mints? I hope, Most of the SEO's will say No. However i would say YES.

SEO's might face the same problem while attending an interview, interviewers might ask you to analyze a site for 5 mints and requests to explain positive and negative factors of the site. There is a possibility to check all these factors with the help of few free tools.

Following are the list of respective factors which needs to be analyzed for a quick review:

Basic SEO Factors for Instant Analysis:
  • Domain Extension
  • Page Loading Time
  • Page Rank
  • Alexa Rank
  • Google, Bing & Yahoo Indexed Pages and Back Links
  • Domain Age
  • Canonical Redirection
  • Title & Meta Tags
  • Header Tags
  • Image Tags
  • Xml sitemap
  • Html sitemap
  • Robots.txt
  • Google analytics account
  • Google webmaster tools account

Each above factor will be explained in-detail in upcoming posts.


How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Website

To many webmasters and search engine marketers, keyword selection is about choosing relevant keywords that have little competition and decent search demand. The truth is, selecting the right keywords to optimize for your website is definitely more than that.

There are a couple of things to look out for and I hope this article will help give you some inspiration to identify profitable keywords for your online business.

1. Decent Search Demand

Yes, most of the people out there are right on this one. This should be the first consideration before you start to optimize your website for any keywords. You need to make sure that people are actually already searching for what you are going to optimize for. Don't waste time on keywords that have low search volume. It's like opening a huge mall in the middle of the desert. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that there will be little shoppers.

2. Assess the Competition Level

The fundamental concept to this is that if you want to fight someone, make sure that you choose one that you "think" you can beat. Can you imagine yourself fighting and winning a Mixed Martial Art heavyweight champion? If not, you better know the rules, learn to be smart and how to pick the right fight or you are going to lose every single one.

3. Researching Keywords vs Buying Keywords

To make things simple, keywords can be broadly categorize into Research or Buying.
This represents the searchers intent when they key in that specific keyword into the search engine. For example, someone who intends to buy a gaming laptop online would go through a purchase funnel like this. Initially, he would be searching using keywords such as "gaming laptop brands", "recommended gaming laptops", after which when he is done with researching and ready to buy in maybe 1 week time, he would search using keywords such as, "gaming laptop lowest price", "buy gaming laptop model xxx online".

It is common sense, and you have probably gone through the same process. Surprisingly, this is the part where 90% of the SEO marketers do not know. The money is in the buying keywords list. If you want to be successful, you got to optimize your website for buying keywords. Consider keywords such as review, buy, order, discount, color, and deals.

4. Searches are unique - Stop Using that Keyword Research Tool for Today

Do you know that approximately 25% of searches on Google each day are new or have not been searched in the last 30 days? To add on to that, 90% of webmasters out there are using the same keyword research tools, and coming out with the same keyword list. Meaning to say, many people will be trying to rank for the same keywords. It's time to put your knowledge of your industry into use. Are your potential customers using any slang or terms for any particular item?

A quick tip to find unique keywords would be to go through your search log on your website. This would tell you exactly what your target audience are looking for.

5. Long Tail Keywords - Don't Forget About Them

It has been reported by Google that approximately 54% of their search queries are greater than 3 words. In addition to that, based on Hitwise data, it was reported that long tail keywords that fall outside of the top 10,000 keywords accounted for 70% of search traffic.

It is important to note that while long tail keyword phrases tend to drive lower volume of traffic, when done correctly, the combined traffic can add up and make a difference. In my personal experience, these searches tend be of better quality as well because they are usually more specific.

In Conclusion

Choosing and selection the right set of keywords to optimize is more than running your keywords through the keyword research tools. It also requires you to utilize common sense and knowledge of your industry. If you can take the above five points into consideration, your chances of success will surely be higher than the average SEO marketers out there who depend solely on keyword research tools

What Are Deep Links Or Inbound Links?

A Link is created when you link your site to any other domain whether yours or any others. A deep link is created when you link to an article within the particular domain. The domain being the same, you just create the different links within your present that provide your visitors the knowledge of your previous posts.

One of the main advantages of creating in-bound links is that it provides a tremendous increase in page views for your blogs. As the Deep links usually point to a specific piece of information or relevant topic on the inner page, these also increase your CPM and revenues. Your visitor in this way will remain for long on your site and go through all the useful pages while surfing through your inner pages.

Google and other search engines, when determining your ranking and placement in the search results, count these inbound links very positively. These are counted as an effective back links which gives your various pages of the blog, more exposure to the search engines. Deep linking should be an important part of your Natural SEO strategy in order to achieve higher rankings of your internal pages or sub-pages in search engines. Your inner pages get well indexed and also get more traffic through the back linking strategy used this way.

Deep linking strategy can also be one of the best strategies used by you, if you want to direct targeted visitors from search engines or other related pages straight to your internal pages instead of letting all traffic flow through your main page which may result in loss of traffic once this traffic reaches your internal pages.

Linking back to the internal pages also let know the search engines that you have interesting content not only on your index page, but throughout your website. Back linking from the particular and proper keywords also increases your search engine rankings from these keywords.

According to my experience and observations, deep links are one of the most important factors that search engines take into consideration while determining the authority of websites, while assigning your page ranks and also while indexing your site.

Thus as a rule, when writing a new blog post for your site you should always take care of deep linking some of the keywords used in the post to your previous post of the same or the other blog of your own or you can also exchange it for some other sites. This is today's fastest and one of the greatest methods to earn you some money also. Blogger I know are making some thousands of dollars, by placing the advertiser's link in their post, every month.


Importance of Link Building in SEO - Web Master Email Ids

For your search engine optimization campaign to be successful, employing the most effective link building techniques and skills is a must. In fact, link building in SEO has become one of the most important aspects of a successful business online. While using a keyword-rich or quality content can deliver your website at the top of search engine results, there are some other methods that guarantee excellent page ranking.

Link building is a method by which you build backlinks to your website so it can be better indexed in major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. The more backlinks you have, the more traffic your website generates. Building links plays a vital role in your SEO campaign and in the visibility of your website. This, however, depends on the website or the directory where you have submitted your links.

Links that are posted on authority or credible directories tend to have a greater value than those that are posted on ordinary blogs and websites. Similarly, links that are posted on relevant sites are more likely to be recognized by search engines.

Building links may sound easy but it's not. What makes it a difficult task is the fact that search engines don't easily recognize artificially-created links. Instead, these engines would go for links from known and quality websites. It is also important to know that search engines have the ability to recognize the difference between a forum signature or blog comments and a website link in an article.

Building your links is also a continuous and a time-consuming process and requires your constant attention and monitoring. In fact, many choose to outsource this important aspect of SEO so they can better concentrate on other important functions of their businesses. Meanwhile, bloggers or webmasters who don't outsource to a link builder find forum signatures and blog commenting as the easiest ways to build links. These methods, however, is not as effective as the methods that SEO companies offer.

Good SEO companies know how important link building in SEO campaign is. Building your backlinks means improving your presence online and making your website more valuable to many internet users. Outsource your campaign to reputable SEO companies, let them deal with those time consuming and tedious tasks. This gives you time to concentrate more on your business
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Tushar Verma Says - Being an SEO Expert means more than spitting out regurgitated techniques, it means being an innovator, a creative mastermind, and an SEO Strategist who lives, breathes, sleeps and eats SEARCH.


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Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of search engine optimization, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.

What We Do

My name is Tushar Verma Seo Expert Delhi and I am one of the India's leading SEO experts. I run a professional SEO Blog based in the New Delhi in Inida. Our aim is to provide you with the best Search Engine Optimization tips and Latest Seo Updates Over the past 3 years we have excelled and developed our SEO techniques by always keeping up to date with the Google Algorithm and listening to advice from the world's leading search engine optimization and link building experts.

I hear from many people who want to be told exactly what they need to do to get high rankings and bring more targeted search engine traffic to their websites. I wish I could provide them with a straight answer, but every site has its own needs when it comes to SEO. Which means there’s no exact rule that will work each and every time for any website.

One thing, however, that can help you figure out how to SEO your site is to learn the whys behind the specific techniques you always hear about. But to understand the whys, you first need to get the gist of how search engines work. Sounds scary, I know, but I’m going to make it as simple and painless as possible – so stick with me!

In very simplistic terms, there are 2 main components to the search engines: the crawler and the algorithm.

The crawler, which is sometimes referred to as a spider, a robot, or simply a bot, is what goes out on the web and fetches all the pages of information that it can get its virtual spidey legs on.

The algorithm (or algo) is basically the ranking formula that each search engine uses to determine the relevancy of any page that the crawler finds.

The search engines use this formula to decide – out of the pages that were previously fetched – which pages they should show for which keyword phrases that any searcher might type into the search box. Those keyword phrases are also sometimes referred to as a person’s “search query.”

While the algo is a formula, it’s so complicated that it’s not something you can simply reverse-engineer. The engines look at hundreds of factors and weigh them all differently. This is why you’ll find that automated SEO software doesn’t work well to increase your rankings.

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